Enabling Teachers to Engage with Pupils wherever they are

Academy Now is built with teachers, students and schools in mind.

Teacher Unite

AcademyNow was built with teacher involvement and feedback from the start, enabling our team to focus on developing a solution to address all needs. Teachers have helped us to thoroughly understand the challenges around continuing to teach pupils in the current situation and at distance. We have jointly explored the difficulties around how you continue to teach when schools are closed, where your pupils are remote and disengaged. Many teachers tried to adapt quickly by utilising a variety of platforms to bridge the gap. It became clear that a single platform would be required to incorporate the wide variety of functions to make distance learning possible. Our unique platform has eliminated the need for ad hoc methods and has provided an all-encompassing solution to meet all needs.

Student Tested

Being parents ourselves, we had a focus group of eager students. The main feedback we received regarding the current situation was a lack of engagement with other class members and teachers. AcademyNow addresses and resolve these key issues for students by enabling them to effectivity engage. Interactions between class members is a key element to making learning interactive and fun, AcademyNow enables pupils to be reunited in the classroom again.

Parents Assemble

Parents have also had a great deal of involvement in the development of AcademyNow.  Telling us that security is a high priority and easy of use is also key.  Many parents are were faced with the daunting task of home-schooling whist juggling work commitments.  AcademyNow enables parents to engage with teachers making them comfortable and confident when overseeing their child’s learning. Learning materials can be shared easily between teachers and parents and our interactive tool fully supports a collaborative approach.