About Our Company

Meet the team..

Get to know the team behind AcademyNow

AcademyNow was launched in 2020 by BitBahn Ltd in response to school closures due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

AcademyNow was launched to address the specific needs of teachers and pupils alike. Education, classroom interactions and the overall learning process has changed overnight creating challenges that we had little time to prepare for. As a specialist for over 25 years’ in communications, the BitBahn team set to work and utilised our core skills to bridge the education gap. Our team of experts created a communication platform designed specifically to recreate the classroom environment that would incorporate all of the required tools to reconnect teachers with pupils in a collaborative manner and enable essential learning to continue.

The team at BitBahn are known within the industry as a safe pair of hands and specialists in our field with a wealth of technical knowledge underpinned by an extremely customer-centric approach.

Vicky Atherton // Director

Vicky outlines best practices when it comes to managing customer relationships.  She also oversees and develops long-standing partnerships with strategic technology vendors.

Lee Quince // Director

As the owner of the company, Lee is the driver behind the service, striving for greatness at every opportunity.

Rod Howell // Senior Account Manager

Rod is responsible for managing and cultivating customer relationships, ensuring an excellent customer experience at all times.

Sarah Marsh-Quince // Finance Controller

Sarah makes sure there is money in the bank, and the abacus is kept well oiled.

Charles Albinson-Currey // Service Delivery Director

Working primarily on system architecture and design, Charles keeps our systems simple, reliable and online 100% of the time..

Benji // Chief Security Officer

Benji screens all visitors giving them a bark to let them know he's there. Data Security is this dogs priority.

Tigere Rangwani // Media Developer

Tigere is our lead developer, much of what our customers see is envisioned and created by him.

Harly // AKA Chunk

Working as an Apprentice, Harley ensures that no sandwiches are left over.